Let Your Heart Take Flight!

The American politicians have partially shut down the government. Syria is crying out with pain. India was just hit by a massive storm. People need jobs. The environment needs our protection. Homes need attention. Children need care. Every organization needs more volunteers. With all the headlines clamoring for our attention, where is there room to breathe?

Hope is calling. Yes, there is hope in a crying world. It is okay to take time to breathe, to catch a fresh vision. Turn off the news, facebook, the radio, the job or lack of one, and the precious ones who need us for five minutes.
Close the door to the bathroom and breathe.
Step outside and breathe.
In the midst of a crisis, in Syria, in India, in the United States … breathe.

There is hope. Look up. Remember something to be grateful for and tell someone what it is. Find joy in the little things.
Kingdoms may rise and fall. Health and wealth may come and go, but joy comes when we choose our focus. For every problem there is a solution.
My hope, my joy, my peace is in Christ Jesus today. In the midst of my storms, He never changes. Do you have a focus that gives you peace in the storm? Let your heart take flight. This moment … it is okay. Give yourself permission to stop and rescue joy.


The least of these...

So much is happening in our world today that it is easy to forget the least among us. Over one million refugees have fled from Syrian, many of them women and children. We can not forget who suffers the most. Check out the links below. At the very least…PRAY.


a novel by Stephanie Guerrero

An action-packed suspense in the exotic Orient.

No one is who they seem…

A classic tale of good versus evil: spies, smugglers and betrayal

 The Smuggler     Black Jade is many things… Hiding behind a prominent name by day and a Chinese mask by night, he can be anyone, just not the man he wants to be. Trapped in an ever tightening web of deceit, and pursued relentlessly by the White Dragon (Major Montero) he must choose which man he wants to be. When a way out is offered from a surprising source, will he choose power or let it go?

 The Spy A Spanish officer, a black market dealer, a shipping executive… Intelligence officer Philip Montero is skilled at wearing masks to defeat the enemy, but this time he must face the enemy within. When his body betrays him with night terrors, he must unlock the past in order to survive, but time is running out and Black Jade has targeted the woman of his heart. Betrayed by his family, his fiancé, and his fears, WHO can teach him how to trust again?

The Senorita  Shipping heiress turned missionary nurse, Francesca McRae is a target everywhere she turns. Desired as an heiress by power-hungry men and hated by the Chinese Boxers for her interference in the culture… she is surrounded by betrayal and hatred. None of her suitors are who they seem, yet one has stolen her heart. When loving others becomes more than she can handle, WHO can she trust?

Where do you turn when life is too much to handle?

Top Ten Ways to Get Your Words Flowing Again

So.. it’s one of those days and the words just won’t come. Here are my top ten favorite ways to get things moving again. Feel free to comment with your own.

10. Every 30 min. take a moment to stretch, move your body and your eyes from a sitting and staring position.
9. Actually get some sunshine.
8. Love your thesaurus!!!!
7. Go back over what you have written and replace boring verbs and adverbs with powerful stand alone verbs (i.e. He walked quickly into the store… He sprinted into the store.)
6. Use a good ole paper and pen and list 5 possible surprise twists for your story… You never know where one might lead.
5. Pick up a book from your favorite author. Reading someone you respect can remind you of all the right things to do.
4. Let someone you trust read your work and give you a fresh perspective.
3. Don’t hold back your words when they are flowing. If you are afraid to write a funny or suspenseful scene for fear of how it may turn out… do it anyway. You can always delete later with no one the wiser, but DON”T STOP the FLOW!
2. If a character or part of the plot is repeatedly problematic, don’t be afraid to take them out!
1. If things continue to not work, set it aside for a while and take up a physically active hobby. It will still be there tomorrow or next week. The brain needs a healthy supply of oxygen to keep the blood and words flowing!!! Don’t become sedentary in word or deed.