Without a Vision, People Perish

noplanforsyriaLogistics. Forever I have fought my ability to orchestrate logistics. I love to plan something so well that it runs without my help, but it is not the cool job. It is a burdensome job, but done well it brings results.
I see Syria and I hurt for the people who are suffering. The only ones who have thought out logistics for Syria have power, control and other objectives in mind. Using Syria for their own gain is their plan.
Where is the plan on the other side? The plan for good to fill the gap. Does anyone remember the people who need righteousness and justice? Who is planning the logistics of a win?
I read in the news about a father saying they are caught between Assad, extreme Islamic terrorists and a rebel cause with no end game. http://worldnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/10/20/20989447-al-qaeda-linked-extremists-cause-new-syria-refugee-crisis?lite&ocid=msnhp&pos=11
I am learning that evil has its plan. The best defense is a good offense and an end strategy. Though in my position I can do little to plan Syria’s future, it is my prayer that a good and righteous leader will arise. One who is selfless, humble and a planner of good for the people.
Is anyone is truly good? Though I have found no one, but Jesus Christ, I pray that those who follow Him will rise up and stand for those who can not stand for themselves.
It takes catching God’s vision for those in our sphere of influence and following His plan for good. It is time for Christians to unite. To plan follow GOD’S PLAN for rescuing a hurting world instead of reacting in surprise to the evil around us.
God has a plan. Follow it today.

Let Your Heart Take Flight!

Let Your Heart Take Flight!

The American politicians have partially shut down the government. Syria is crying out with pain. India was just hit by a massive storm. People need jobs. The environment needs our protection. Homes need attention. Children need care. Every organization needs more volunteers. With all the headlines clamoring for our attention, where is there room to breathe?

Hope is calling. Yes, there is hope in a crying world. It is okay to take time to breathe, to catch a fresh vision. Turn off the news, facebook, the radio, the job or lack of one, and the precious ones who need us for five minutes.
Close the door to the bathroom and breathe.
Step outside and breathe.
In the midst of a crisis, in Syria, in India, in the United States … breathe.

There is hope. Look up. Remember something to be grateful for and tell someone what it is. Find joy in the little things.
Kingdoms may rise and fall. Health and wealth may come and go, but joy comes when we choose our focus. For every problem there is a solution.
My hope, my joy, my peace is in Christ Jesus today. In the midst of my storms, He never changes. Do you have a focus that gives you peace in the storm? Let your heart take flight. This moment … it is okay. Give yourself permission to stop and rescue joy.

The least of these…

The least of these...

So much is happening in our world today that it is easy to forget the least among us. Over one million refugees have fled from Syrian, many of them women and children. We can not forget who suffers the most. Check out the links below. At the very least…PRAY.