Stephanie Guerrero is a  former middle school reading teacher with a passion for adventurous, romantic, faith driven stories where rugged characters find redemption in spite of what life throws their way. 

In addition to writing, she enjoys rock climbing, chocolate, dates with her husband/real life hero of 19 years and homeschooling her four children in the great state of New Mexico.

Her writer’s motto is “Real life should be better than fiction.”

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Stephanie, if you don’t win the copy of my novel Night of the Cossack on Salena’s blog, you can obtain a signed copy from my site http://nightofthecossack.com. I speak to homeschool students/parents about my book and writing. I would love to go to New Mexico. If this is something in which your group or combination of groups would be interested in, please let me know. Email tom12345 at tnblu.com. Blessings, Tom Blubaugh, Author.

  2. Stephanie, we plan to be in Glenwood/Alma area week after Easter for a couple of weeks or so…Let me know if you have any time to meet up with an unpublished writer from Boise! Would like to do a review for you soon. Mary


    1. Mary Ann,
      So sorry I missed this. I took a couple months break after publishing my book and am just now getting back in the game, but I would have loved to meet you. Let’s try again. Thanks.

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