Ten Ways to Help Young Mothers in Need


There are so many single moms, expectant mothers, or abused families that need our help.
1.Organize a baby shower.
Find a local faith centered crisis organization and for them with your church group or neighborhood. Diapers, wipes, baby clothes, bottles, there are so many little ways to help.
2. Donate items for moms and children
Most places will gladly accept new and gently used items including: clothing for mother and baby, baby furniture, car seats, strollers and blankets.
3. Baby bottle Drive
Take new, empty baby bottles to your office or church along with information about your local crisis center and have them fill the bottles with their loose change. Every little bit helps!
4. Become a contact person for your church or local ladies group.
Your local crisis care center can then inform you of needs, events, and information that you can pass on to others.
5. Volunteer.
If you have the time, check into the requirements for helping your local center.
6. Get the men involved.
Where there is a hurting mom there is often a hurting dad. Let the men in you church or your life know their godly wisdom is needed for young men who want a chance to do things right for their families but don’t know how.
7. Donate funds.
8. Pray for the workers to have wisdom.
9. Host a fundraiser
10. Pray for the women and children.
Care Net
Crisis Pregnancy Centers
These are two organizations that you can help. Check it out today.

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