Ready to escape the adventure? Think twice

Posted: March 1, 2013 in The Birth of a Book: an author's journey

Ever feel like life is bigger than you are, and you’ve gotten in way over your head?

Is your pocketbook challenged, your time limited, your spirit down or overwhelmed? Life brings adventure whether we seek it or not, but it also brings the opportunity for success, character growth, and best of all, the knowledge that we need Someone bigger than ourselves to handle it. When we seek Christ first and leave the success in His corner amazing things begin to take place. What fun to partner with Him.
Today, let’s take time to seek out the One who knows the end before the beginning. He might just have something wonderful planned, more than we could ever dream. Life on the edge brings risk, but the joy of the journey is amazing!! Breathe, pray and smile this year. Get ready to jump! Not away from the adventure, but toward it! . After all, what was waiting for Flynn Rider on the other side? His happily ever after. Let God overwhelm and surprise you this year. He knows the plan. Are you ready? Head down? Knees apart!

Get ready, Get set, JUMP!

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