Better the wounds of a friend than the kisses of an enemy.

Posted: January 15, 2012 in The Birth of a Book: an author's journey

Have you pondered this lately?  Wounds hurt, and sometimes worse when they come from a friend.  Someone you want to love and impress… someone you want to hold you close.

We all want to be loved, thought funny, or looked up to… especially by our enemies. So why?  Why are the wounds of a friend better than the kisses of an enemy?

Because of TRUST!

We can trust a friend to only want what is best for us.  I am reminded of a story where a young boy’s ball got away from him and he ran after it.  His father looked up and saw that the ball had crossed the railroad tracks and a train was rounding the corner. He yelled, screamed a warning, but his son would not stop.  He tried to catch him, but his son was out of reach. Finally, in desparation, the father stopped and picked up a stone and hurled it at his son’s leg. The stone found it’s target and broke a bone causing the boy to fall just before reaching the tracks. The train rushed by within inches of the young man.  His father ran to him, picked him up sobbing, and carried him back to safety and to healing.

Just like the son in the story … sometimes we have to be hurt by those we love… in order to save our lives. The father never wanted to cause his son pain, but did what was needed to save his life. A true friend will hurt us to keep us out of harms way.

An enemy would encourage us to continue down a harmful path… would be all smiles. After all, it is in his best interest to see us destroyed. Only someone who loves us will risk it all to save us.

So, the next time you feel a friend has said something or done something that hurts… examine whether it might be for your best interest. Hug their necks and say thank you for being such a good friend, and then thank God for being the best friend of all, by taking your pain and mine, your shame and mine on the cross through Jesus Christ. For lovingly correcting us, disciplining us. Not for our pain, but TO SAVE OUR LIVES. 


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