Don’t Forget the Fabulous Five…

Posted: November 11, 2011 in The Birth of a Book: an author's journey

Keep in mind that as an author you are to show your readers what is going on through the five senses… traveling times are great moments to introduce or deepen your readers feel for the flavor of the community or landscape they are passing through. Have them grab and taste unique local snack, spot a local haunt(city), smell the aromas of a local cuisine… sweat from the heat, swat mosquitos. All of this makes the reader feel on the journey too.

Traveling Excerpt from Shades of the Orient:

Francesca McRae stopped for a moment to remove a damp, black tendril of hair from her throat and mop her forehead with a cotton handkerchief. Her movements, even in the jungle, were graceful and her beauty striking.
She glanced up ahead at her good friend and colleague Dr. Lyle Bernstock, his carrot top hair glistening in the sun. His freckled face was red-sunburned from the intense, tropical heat. Even Isabella Cannavarro, her good friend and fellow nurse who was used to such weather had pinned her long chestnut brown hair up off her neck. Trekking through the mountainous jungles of Luzon Island had not been an easy task, but it had been worth the effort. After weeks of supplying medical care to a variety of villages, they were finally on their way home.
Francesca pulled out a small canteen of water, popped the top off and poured it into her mouth. Even tepid water tasted good after such a long hike. She was exhausted. Although it was only eleven in the morning, they had been traveling since six and through rough terrain.
She didn’t know which was better…the dark, treacherous tunnel with its narrow trails and steep drop-offs or the blinding sun and unrelenting heat. Even at this hour the temperature was nearing one hundred degrees. Add the humidity and the result was so oppressive one could hardly breathe.
She longed for the pleasant sea breezes and crisp white sheets of her hospital ship. Only a few more days until we reach our hospital ship, she thought. I will be so glad to get home.


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