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Ten Tips for a Healthy Relationship

  1. Choose wisely. Are you with someone you respect?
  2. Stay balanced! How much are you giving? How much are you taking?
  3. Stay faithful. Make your significant other your priority.
  4. Stay steady in tough times.
    1. All relationships encounter moments when one party or the other hits a rough spot. A parent dies. A career is in crisis. You or your partner may act out of stress.
    2. In that moment, what you do matters. Believe in your partner. Offer support.
  5. Be present.
    1. Find how your spouse, partner feels loved: quality time, gifts, physical touch, encouraging words, acts of service, etc.
    2. Feeling loved looks different for each person. Take time to get it right.
  6. Be unselfish. There are times when you will have to chose between what you want and what your partner/spouse needs.
    1. Give without expecting a return.
    2. DO NOT remind your partner of how you’ve sacrificed for them.
  7. Actively Listen Pay attention to what your partner/spouse is saying and respond with thoughtfulness. You listen to those you value.
  8. Have his/her back. If someone speaks ill of their own or your partner/spouse, the temptation is to join in. Resist the urge to reveal/rehearse their flaws. Instead, defend and build them up whenever possible. At the very least, stay quiet. (the exception being in an abusive situation. In such case, see number one. Find help and move forward.
  9. Zip your mouth. Stop all griping, complaining and cut-downs. Instead build him/her up. If you can’t say something nice…
  10. Pray for your significant other. God hears, and often your prays (in place of nagging) changes hearts. See what God can do!

Stephanie Guerrero delights in her happy, healthy marriage of twenty-nine years and coaches women of all ages on the path to healthy relationships.

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Hometown Heroes!

Who is your hero?

A hero is someone who jumps in to save others in spite of the personal sacrifice or the need for recognition. Who do you know in your immediate circle that fits this description?

Find a way to honor or encourage your hometown heroes this week!

Comment below and let me know about someone who has been your hero!

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Fiction Fridays

Historicals are among my favorite reads. Designed to take you a world away, allow you to live adventures in a time you cannot reach, or inspire you to be the hero/heroine in your own life story, they truly let the heart soar! One of my favorite collections is set in Ireland.

With an exotic setting in ancient Ireland, if you’ve never read the historical The Fires of Glennmara Series by Linda Windsor, you are in for a real treat. They’ve been around awhile, yet I still adore each novel! They are historically informative, spiritually inspiring and definitely romantic!

In addition to my own three historical novels: Shades of the Orient, Shades of Redemption and the Promise of Gold; I recently wrote a modern billionaire romance with a boxed set sister who also writes historical. Check out Anne Greene’s site for WWII fiction!

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Bubble Bath Fiction Weekly Giveaways!!!

Each day can be fragrant, sweet and clean! I LOVE happy endings, and I believe life can be like that for you and I.

This blog chooses to see joy, hope and the beauty God created us to live. Life is full of bumps in the road, but there IS joy in the journey! Each week in August, this blog will have drawings to give away a number of happily-ever-after” stories!

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You are Unique!

All of us have characteristics that make us unique. Did you know that Marie Antoinette had a jaw issue that made her famous for permanent adorable
The female character of my book has a similar trait!
What “flaw” do you have that makes you uniquely fascinating?

Fear Not- I am with you.

Rise in Confidence

Fall is a great time for remembering. Has 2019 taken the air out of you or have you risen to new heights in the Lord? God is calling us higher. To obedience. To Trust and Obey.

Scripture says in Isaiah to put on the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness. In Timothy, God reminds us, we have not been given a spirit of fear but of boldness, confidence and a sound mind.

Are you bold or fearful?

Confident or shrinking back?

Of sound mind or heavy hearted?

This has been a challenging year for me. One in which I found myself shrinking back, becoming fearful and heavy hearted. We as believers are human, but we shouldn’t live this way. So today, I am trusting God to never leave me alone. I am praising God for His faithfulness in directing my steps and leading me in the paths of righteousness for His Name’s sake. I will fear no evil for He is with me!

What is holding you back? Are you afraid of failing? Trust and Obey. God’s got you. Walk closely with Him.

Without a Vision, People Perish

noplanforsyriaLogistics. Forever I have fought my ability to orchestrate logistics. I love to plan something so well that it runs without my help, but it is not the cool job. It is a burdensome job, but done well it brings results.
I see Syria and I hurt for the people who are suffering. The only ones who have thought out logistics for Syria have power, control and other objectives in mind. Using Syria for their own gain is their plan.
Where is the plan on the other side? The plan for good to fill the gap. Does anyone remember the people who need righteousness and justice? Who is planning the logistics of a win?
I read in the news about a father saying they are caught between Assad, extreme Islamic terrorists and a rebel cause with no end game.
I am learning that evil has its plan. The best defense is a good offense and an end strategy. Though in my position I can do little to plan Syria’s future, it is my prayer that a good and righteous leader will arise. One who is selfless, humble and a planner of good for the people.
Is anyone is truly good? Though I have found no one, but Jesus Christ, I pray that those who follow Him will rise up and stand for those who can not stand for themselves.
It takes catching God’s vision for those in our sphere of influence and following His plan for good. It is time for Christians to unite. To plan follow GOD’S PLAN for rescuing a hurting world instead of reacting in surprise to the evil around us.
God has a plan. Follow it today.

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